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  Sweet Sixteen

Your DVD Covers are (100% FREE) a Gift from Us to You
Beautiful Wedding DVD Covers:Free Gifts from
A Heart Felt Congratulations from Maria and John here at, No matter what Plan you may have picked, we want you to have this (FREE GIFT) seen above as a Thank You for Choosing us for Your Wedding. (One per Customer of course)

Pick a Cover for your DVD - Click Photo to Enlarge*
Gold Plan gets (One) DVD Photo Cover from Library, and, Platinum Plan gets (3) DVD Photo Covers from Library,
Feel free to pick different covers if you like, or the same, or two and one, etc., If that's what you want, up to the quantity of your Plan. Royal Grand Plan Pick 5 DVD Covers below, The Ultimate Princess Plan Pick 5 DVD Covers from below, The Majesty Package Pick 7 DVD Covers from below

*Click Photo to Enlarge*
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High Quality Videography Special Packages Available

*Just a little footnote reminder -
If you have not signed your Contract pages (and) have not Paid your Retainer Fee (Your Wedding Date Is Not Held) so Please
be sure to do that right away.
Fax it to 954-227-2227

Photograph by John Robida @


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